XRI 愛瑞


What leads you to XRI

Trust Impartiality Innovation Professionalism
As your partner for type approval of motor vehicles and their trailers, two-or three-wheel vehicles and quadricycle, agricultural and forestry vehicles and of systems, components and separate technical units intended for such vehicles, in the scope as described in the relevant Regulatory Acts (EC, UNECE), XRI is your best choice. Additionally, as authorized representative in association with type-approvals for the German National Vehicle Safety Standard (StVZO), XRI there for you. XRI’s values include trust, impartiality, innovation and professionalism in laboratory testing, with ISO / IEC 17025 accreditation and certification services related to vehicle lights and components, made by domestic and international customers. We hold quality in the highest regard so we can provide the best service for our customers. When manufacturers choose to work with XRI, we always give our very best. That’s our promise! Our team has always been committed to the principle of honesty and integrity, constantly improving and making breakthroughs, with an attitude of never forgetting our roots, upholding the original intention when we came to Taiwan from Belgium to establish X RAY International, caring for the local community, looking at the world, and being grateful for the fertile land that nurtured her. We not only have experience at a variety of tests and certifications under accreditation, but also supporting the activities of local artists and charity. Through the combination of enterprise and charity, we hope to pass on the flame of hope and the spirit of corporate love with a local focus, and to be the driving force for the new generation of enterprises.